Toilet milk

Kyle found a pack of MadLibs at a thrift store, and we’ve started doing one MadLib at night as part of the kids’ bedtime routine. I like that it’s helping them learn about nouns, verbs, and adjectives, but I’m finding that Augie’s answers are weirdly specific.

Me:            Okay, Adelaide. Give me an adjective.

Adelaide:   Toilet! (A perennial favorite.)

Me:             August, give me an animal.

August:      A cheetah making piano sounds!

Me:             Okaaay…Adelaide. Noun.

Adelaide:   A monkey.

Me:             August, plural noun.

August:      People wearing foxtails and foxes wearing cattails!

Me:             Okay, I’ll just write “foxtails.” Adelaide, noun.

Adelaide:   Bright.

Me:             August, give me a noun.

August:      A monkey holding a heart.

Me:             (Where does he get this stuff?) Adelaide, adjective.

Adelaide:   Tight.

Me:             August, adjective.

August:      (in a deep voice) A GIANT LEGO.

Me:             Adelaide, noun.

Adelaide:   Dog.

Me:             August, noun.

August:      Giant iPad.

Me:             Adelaide, adjective.

Adelaide:   Dark.

Me:             August, noun.

August:      A pipe with a shoe in it!

Me:             Okay…almost done. Adelaide, adjective.

Adelaide:   Rough.

Me:             August, liquid.

August:      Toilet milk.

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