Tiny teenagers

Adelaide got some new clothes at Target the other day and wore one of her new outfits out to lunch. “I almost feel like a teenager!” she said as she bounced out of the car.

She loves dressing like a teenager these days, which is funny, because I also wanted to be a teen when I was in elementary school. I remember dressing like a teenager for our school’s Dress Down Day. I wore stirrup leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, letting one side fall off my bare shoulder.

Adelaide climbed up the base of the street lamp and jumped down. When I went to take a picture, she told me to wait a minute, pulling her Rapunzel play phone from her purse. “Ready!”


August brought his phone, too. “Yesh, yesh, yesh. OK. Bye.”


Even Hazel had a new toy: a teething key ring to satisfy her constant gumming. She’ll have a couple of teeth before we know it.


Phones and keys? I better buckle up.


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