Saturdays lately

We’ve kind of fallen into a rhythm on Saturdays lately.

We sleep in.

We go to The Habit. (Kyle and Em split a cheeseburger with avocado and peppers and extra grilled onions. Adelaide and August split a cheeseburger. We get fries and onion rings. Coke, root beer, iced tea. You know, super healthy stuff…)

Daddy goes to work.

Mommy and the kids go to the library, then to the park.

Adelaide makes friends and plays. Sometimes August plays with Adelaide, sometimes he hangs out with Mommy and Hazel. Sometimes Mommy reads a book.

Then to McDonald’s for ice cream cones. Sometimes Adelaide and August put ice cream on their noses.

We go home to nap/play/clean the house/listen to public radio/make dinner.







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