Road Trip // Summer 2015 // Part 4: MT

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Montana was a surprise. I was expecting cowboys and mountain folk, but when we rolled into the parking lot of a grocery store in Bozeman, I could tell this was not the Wild West. Yes, there were plenty of pickup trucks: bright and shiny F150s and Chevy Silverados. And no shortage of men in cowboy hats, with their blonde, Botoxed cowgirls.

We had lunch at a cafeteria-style restaurant inside of a health food market. I think it was called the Co-Op. There were artsy paintings on the sidewalk and the utility boxes, and cute shops along the street.


Then we went on to our one “official” ($3) paid campsite, where we set up a tent and everything.montana-camp9montana-camp-8montana-camp-5montana-camp-sunset montana-camp-6b

Adelaide posed as mermaid Ariel on a rock.montana-camp6a Kyle and the kids explored the campsite.montana-camp-4a montana-camp3 montana-camp2They gathered some firewood, but then the camp host came and gave us some kiln-dried wood.
montanacamp1We loved slowing down and having some real camping time. So much so, we decided that next year, we’ll do less driving and more camping.

(Well, the same amount of driving, but spread out over more days.)

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