Stray Thoughts

A few thoughts that have been floating around in my brain lately:

1) We should all be wearing name tags, all the time. Do you know how much more efficient we could all be if we stopped trying to remember other people’s names? I mean, eventually we would remember names, but we wouldn’t have to go around beating ourselves up and saying things like, “I’m so bad at names….” We’re all bad at names! Name tags, people. Name. Tags.

2) I’ve taken to pronouncing “comfortable” with the proper number of syllables. That is, “com-fort-a-bul” and not “comf-ter-bul”. But I find it rather “un-com-fort-a-bul”. Other awkward words that I have not yet tackled: Wednesday and February.

3) My favorite pair of jeans ripped two weeks ago, and it’s the best thing that ever happened to my wardrobe.

4) Makeup is ridiculous. I’ll expound later.

Happy Tuesday!