August is 2 and a half

August 2 and a half

August with his train, Salty, and a screwdriver

August is 2 and a half years old! He is 35 inches tall and 30 pounds, which is short for height and average for weight.

He loves his trains and cars and everything that rolls. He always lets us know when he sees a school bus or a truck or a fire truck, or pretty much anything bigger than a car.

He’s picking up new words every day and getting better with his pronunciation.

He likes many different foods, especially soupy foods like, well, soup. And ketchup. He will drink any kind of beverage. And like Adelaide, he loves lasagna.

He likes to copy his sister and do everything that she’s doing. Thankfully, she doesn’t mind his tagging along. (At least not yet.) One of their favorite things to do is chase each other around the house or yard with a spray bottle. He also likes to scare us with his ferocious ROAR!

Augie has an easy laugh. Just a wiggle of your eyebrows can cause him to let out a big belly laugh. He likes to tell knock knock jokes. He’s especially fond of the interrupting chicken joke.

He likes to play “count my fingers” and the high five game, “Gimme five, up high, this way, down low, too slow.” Or, in our case, the last part is often, “You got me!”

Adelaide is 5 and a half

Adelaide as Elsa

Adelaide pretending to be Elsa from Frozen at her coronation.

Adelaide is 5 and a half! She is 40 pounds and 43 inches tall, average on the charts.

She still loves to dance and pretend that she’s a puppy or a mermaid or a princess. Her newest thing is pretending that she is a slave. She does some housework, and then escapes in the night on a horse.

Adelaide goes to gymnastics every weekend. She’s good at the balance beam, somersaults, climbing, and the rings. She’s not so good at cartwheels or doing different kinds of jumps on the trampoline. And she has a little bit of trouble paying attention to the instructor and being obedient when there’s something she’d rather be doing, like jumping in the foam pit.

She likes to make healthy food choices, usually opting for a turkey sandwich over other options because “it’s healthier.” She likes making healthy snacks for herself, like baby carrots and grapes and string cheese.

But Laidey does have her indulgences, like vanilla cones from McDonald’s. And her favorite dinner, judged by the amount that she eats, just may be lasagna.

Every night, Daddy reads Adelaide a story from her children’s Bible, and lately, she’s been reading more of it on her own. Once in a while, she will let us know that she “needs some alone time” to pray or read her Bible.

Speaking of reading, Adelaide is getting pretty good! She likes to read everything around her, and she can read picture books from the library that have a few sentences per page.