How did you know?

Adelaide walks out of the bathroom and into the living room and grabs a new outfit from the pile of laundry I’m folding.

Adelaide: I’m going to wear something else.

Mommy: What happened to your old outfit?

Adelaide: It got a little wet.

Mommy: Did you put it in the laundry basket?

Adelaide: Yeah.

Mommy: So it’s not on the floor of the bathroom?

Adelaide: It’s not on the floor of the bathroom.


Adelaide: Oh, I’m not telling the truth. (Heads to the bathroom.) How did you know?

Tire swing

One of our neighbors put some tires out in the alley, so I rolled one over to our yard, and Kyle made it into a tire swing for the kids.

This rope turned out to be too stretchy, so Kyle picked up a thicker rope the next day.

They’ve been playing on it every day since. Augie sits in the middle and Adelaide climbs up top. And sometimes, if they get their pajamas on and teeth brushed on time, Daddy will give them a big push on the swing before bed.



tire swing 2


tire swing 3


tire swing 4

Running on fumes

I ran out of gas last week! We’ve been driving our old Buick in the heat since it has working air conditioning, but it doesn’t have a gas light or alarm like our other car.

Adelaide was barefoot, but excited for the adventure. Augie on the other hand was very uncooperative on the walk back from the gas station. He just wanted to be held by his pregnant mama…who was carrying a gas can…in 90 degree weather. So he sat down and cried every few feet. Thankfully we were only a couple blocks away from the gas station. And he was helpful once we got to the car.

We just need to save up for a Tesla.