Adelaide and the Walkman

Adelaide-walkmanAdelaide found an old Walkman in the garage and found a couple of my tapes in a box from my childhood. Now she goes around the house pretending she’s “a teenager” and listening to her headphones.

It’s cute how she sings the songs out loud (loudly) and dances around to G.T. and the Halo Express, a kids series about a couple of angels who teach kids Bible story songs. Once in a while, it will be quiet until we hear Adelaide break out in song, “The righteous for the unrighteous…” or “He who had no sin was made sin for us….” (Those are the only parts she knows so far.)

Now I’m on the hunt for more tapes for her Walkman. I found some Dan and Louie Bible Storybook Castle tapes on Craigslist that I’ll hopefully pick up soon. I’m not sure if she’ll like them or not, but I’ll listen to them if she doesn’t!

Adelaide made our bed

Adelaide-made-the-bed“Look Mom! Come look!” She was so proud of herself, and she totally surprised me! I’m pretty sure there’s a halo floating just out of frame.

And when did she get so good at posing for pictures?

(We do have a lovely duvet cover; I just need to put it back on. I know you were concerned.)