36 Weeks

36 Week photo courtesy of Adelaide. I was stepping on sharp rocks.


How far along? 36 Weeks

How big is baby? About 6 pounds, 18-1/2 inches

Total weight gain: Still about 20-22 pounds.

Sleep: Sleep has been better, although slightly more uncomfortable. I find myself stealing Kyle’s smushy pillows sometimes.

Best moment this week: Every day around midnight, when I finally get into bed and it’s cooler than 90 degrees.

Movement: More movement this week. Sometimes I feel hiccups down low, and sometimes I feel them up high. Not sure what that means about her position, but I trust that she will be in the right place at the right time. I hope she will take after her siblings that way.

Food cravings: Blueberry scones. And popsicles, because the Dreyer’s Outshine natural popsicles I bought were disappointing. So then I got the good-ol’ Popsicle brand cherry, grape, and orange, but those were a letdown, too. Popsicles just aren’t as good as I remember them, I guess. Maybe I’ll try Trader Joe’s Fruit Floes and see if those hit the spot.

Food Aversions: Black tea. I usually have a cup of Constant Comment at work after breakfast. I’ve been wanting coffee more than tea for the past week or two, so I was already feeling tea-averse. But I’ve been sticking to my guns and avoiding morning coffee since I’ve been off of it for more than a year now (although I do have after-work coffee on a pretty regular basis). Alas, the last two times I’ve had hot tea, I felt nauseated until lunch. So no more tea for now.

Labor Signs: Feeling tired and irritable, but no real labor signs. I’m eating dates, which will supposedly help me go into labor on time and give me a shorter labor. I know it’s true, because they did a study on it. (Small sample size, but there are worse things than eating dates, right?) I hope it works, because I’m getting tired of dates, and it’s only been a week. Maybe that is what drives the baby out: date fatigue.

What I miss: Agility. That’s pretty much the same thing I said last time, isn’t it? Yesterday I did a bunch of cleaning, and it’s just so hard now to change the sheets (our bed has a loft over it, which makes it a bit trickier) or scrub the bathtub or clean the floors (especially since I insist on doing it Cinderalla style instead of using a sponge mop. I like to get down with the dirt.)

What I am looking forward to: Getting things wrapped up at work so I can feel good about going on maternity leave.

Upcoming appointments/events:  I have an appointment sometime this week. I should probably call and find out when that is. I also need to pre-register at the hospital. And I would kind of like to do the hospital tour, but kids aren’t allowed, and I’m not sure who could watch them, so I’ll probably pass. I mean, I don’t know that a tour would change anything, except maybe I could visualize the birth a little better if I saw the kind of room I’ll be in. Oh wait, they have a virtual tour online. Tour complete!

Things to buy: We are on a spending moratorium, so I’m not going to think about buying things this week.

On my to-do list: Get the infant car seat cleaned up and install it.

Anything else? People ask if we have a name yet. We don’t.

Picture Picture

adelaide-camera-1 adelaide-camera-2

We’ve let Adelaide and August take over the camera we bought about a decade ago, after our wedding. They both enjoy taking pictures with it. On a side note, it’s about 95 degrees outside and, yes, Adelaide is in a black turtleneck.


34 Weeks

We’re heading into the home stretch, so I thought I’d make a some small attempt at documenting this pregnancy in the final weeks.

But first, a selfie:


And here’s me when one of my coworkers walked into the kitchen while I was taking said selfie:


“Uh, hey, Christina! Just, you know, taking a baby selfie…”

How far along? 34 Weeks

How big is baby? About 4.75 pounds, 18 inches

Total weight gain/loss: About 20 pounds. Doctor said I will not have a nine pound baby this time “unless she’s hiding somewhere.”

Sleep: I am a pretty good sleeper, thankfully. I have had a few episodes of insomnia around 4 or 5 in the morning.

Best moment this week: When the French smoker lady from the second floor at work said how beautiful our kids are. She’s sweet.

Movement: She used to move a lot more. Pretty quiet at the moment, but she gets active sometimes.

Food cravings: I could go for a lime popsicle or a creamsicle or something like that. But that’s more about heat than pregnancy. Olives have been my main food craving this time.

Food Aversions: Thinking…thinking…food aversions…none I can think of…

Labor Signs: The occasional uncomfortable contraction, but really nothing.

What I miss: Being able to move easily. It’s hard to walk fast, and forget about running. It hurts to sit for a long time, or walk, or stand, or lay down. Have to change it up to stay comfortable.

What I am looking forward to: Going to Sacramento to spend a few days with Kyle’s parents and their pool. I finally got a maternity swimsuit!

Upcoming appointments/events:  I saw Dr. Speedy yesterday for a 2-minute appointment, and everything was good. I’ll see him again in two weeks.

Things to buy: I’m still deciding between cloth and disposable diapers. I have newborn cloth diapers from Augie, so I’ll probably start with cloth. But we’re in a drought, and I don’t need more laundry, so I might go with disposable after she grows out of the newborn diapers. But the thought of throwing away diapers every day is painful. So much waste.

We don’t have much to buy this time. I’ll need to pick up a Playtex drop-in bottle at some point. And I would like to get these swaddle blankets, which are just silly expensive muslin, but everyone seems to love them. This one on Etsy is cute, too (but somehow more expensive??).

On my to-do list: I’d like to paint the trim in the house before baby arrives.

Anything else? Overall, this has been a pretty easy pregnancy. I don’t have the blurry vision or rib stretching pain I had with Adelaide. I don’t have the painful hips I had with Augie. And I don’t think I’ve been as emotional as I was with either of them (although I have had a couple of weepy moments, as Kyle can attest).

(EDIT: Since writing this paragraph, I have experienced both rib-stretching pain and hip pain. But maybe not as bad as with Adelaide and Augie. Definitely my hips are not as painful, because I couldn’t even roll over in bed with Augie.)

Mostly, I’ve just been tired. I don’t have as much of a nesting urge as I had with Adelaide or Augie. Some compulsive cleaning, but I don’t have the itch to do sewing projects yet. In fact, I have a baby gift for my sister-in-law that has been sitting unfinished for weeks and weeks. No knitting projects, either. I kind of wish I had started something…I suppose it’s not too late…


Weird, wild weather we’re having.

It’s so incredibly humid, 90 degrees, and sprinkling. It’s been pretty humid for about a month, actually. I have a few cities bookmarked on my weather app that I check every so often, and it’s been more humid in Southern California than Minnesota, Michigan, or New York on many a day in July.

But looking back through my almost-daily emails to Kyle, in which I often comment on the weather, it was humid last July, too. So maybe this is a thing now.

Saturday is usually my cleaning day, but I haven’t done much cleaning today. I changed the bed sheets last night, so that’s crossed off my list. I folded some laundry. The dishes are soaking in the sink. But I need to get to the kitchen floors and the bathroom. It’s just…too…hot…to clean, at least for this 8-months-pregnant lady.

Kyle is making a play house for the kids. He found a free solid wood bunk bed on Craigslist and went from there. Just needs a roof and a door, and maybe some paint.





Adelaide and August drew some pictures today. Adelaide made a drawing for God:


And August drew some of his signature people (which Adelaide insists are “dead eggs floating in the water”):


And with that, I’m off to wash dishes.