Mommy and Adelaide made cookies tonight. Truth be told, they’re a little bland. I think Laidey sneaked a few too many bites of the sugar and butter mixture…

Ten toes, Fivefingers

Look what Kyle bought me—my very own Vibram Fivefingers! Now we both have a pair, so I can stop borrowing his for our nighttime walks.

When we went to REI to try them on, there was another couple buying some, too. In fact, this was the only pair they had in my size. The REI dude said Vibram is just starting to keep up with demand from a growing number of barefoot runners.¬†Apparently, the human body was engineered to run without shoes. Which was a good idea on God’s part since Reeboks were not created until like 6,000 years after people started running.

For now, I’m using them for walking. My knees are still slooowly recovering from a stint of overzealous running earlier this year. I’m not 12 anymore. Or 18. Or even 25. <sigh> But it’s all good—I’ve got new shoes!¬†

It’s hot.

This was the temperature on our shaded porch on Sunday:

Hands down, these have been the hottest days of the year. But you know what they say, it’s a dry heat…

This is a stick of butter that was left out on the counter: