Dad’s 60th Birthday

My dad celebrated his 60th birthday at The Happiest Place on Earth, and wouldn’t you know it — it was his twin brother’s birthday, too!

Our fam was super blessed to spend the day with my mom and dad, along with Uncle Perry, Aunt Barb, and cousin Eric and Melissa and her sister Caitlin.

I always feel like I’m taking too many pictures, and then I get home and find that I didn’t take NEARLY ENOUGH PICTURES. (Sigh.)

How do you get good pictures without sticking your camera in people’s faces all day long?

Answer: You don’t.

I was also trying out my new 50mm lens that Kyle got for my birthday(!), which has a smaller range than I’m used to. So fewer pictures turned out.

But here are a few that I liked:


Hazel in line for the carousel (I have a thing for the carousel…)




Stoic Augie




Kyle and Hazey




A picture of meeeee for once 🙂




Adelaide on the Storybook Land canal boats




Kyle in near tears on the Storybook Land canal boats (it’s so magical!)




The Sword in the Stone








Late lunch/early dinner birthday dessert with the twins




Birthday boys on Main Street USA with their new hats 🙂




Waiting for the Paint the Night parade. (The best parade ever so far in history…)




Then I made us all look at the window displays at the Emporium store. (The Aladdin one was especially good.)

Happy birthday, Dad! I hope this is your Happiest Year on Earth… so far 🙂

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