Dapper Day Spring 2014

Backdating this post since I neglected to upload our photos from Dapper Day back in February.

I didn’t get many pictures. We got there late, and I was in pain. The night before, Augie had knocked over the piano bench onto my big toe. Hence the loafers instead of the heels I bought for the occasion. My toe is still healing, three months later.

Something was wrong with Kyle, too – a pinched nerve, I think? I just remember that we really shouldn’t have gone to Disneyland that day, but Dapper Day comes but twice a year, and who knows how long it will last…














New Blog

I suppose it’s worth mentioning that my blog has moved : ) I combined my archives here with Ever Loving Adelaide and The Augie Blog and brought it over to happyallthosethings.com.

I’d been wanting to combine our blogs for a while because I hardly have time to keep up ONE blog, much less three. And while I appreciate the community aspect of Tumblr (and I’m sure I’ll still check in now and then), I feel like Tumblr is a little dark for a family blog.

Or maybe I’m just old. Probably that.

Plus, I wanted to own my content. And the whole Yahoo! acquisition last year wasn’t my favorite thing.

Most importantly, I think that moving to WordPress will ensure that only two people read my blog. Ahaha.