Tire swing

One of our neighbors put some tires out in the alley, so I rolled one over to our yard, and Kyle made it into a tire swing for the kids.

This rope turned out to be too stretchy, so Kyle picked up a thicker rope the next day.

They’ve been playing on it every day since. Augie sits in the middle and Adelaide climbs up top. And sometimes, if they get their pajamas on and teeth brushed on time, Daddy will give them a big push on the swing before bed.



tire swing 2


tire swing 3


tire swing 4

She has decided

Adelaide: I decided I am not going to get married.

Daddy: Why is that?

Adelaide: Because I want to stay with Augie and you and Mommy.

Mommy: Well I think that is a good decision. I definitely want you around for the next 15 or 20 years.

Daddy: 15

Mommy: But if you change your mind, just let us know.

Adelaide: I will never change my mind. I am sure.