Saturday photos

You guys, I had all day to blog yesterday. I was sick, stayed home from work, resisted the temptation to check work emails even. But did I blog? Nooooo. Instead, I Christmas shopped online and didn’t buy anything.


Here’s photos from Saturday. We went to The Habit, which is our Saturday, uh, habit.




Video: Hazel is 2 months old and mad at hiccups

I went back to work on October 30, and the blog is definitely suffering! I still need to post about my dad’s visit (late October), our trip to the aquarium (later October), and Hazel at 2 months old (last Saturday).

So to tide you over, here’s a video of Hazel. I was trying to get some cute footage of her “talking” but instead she got the hiccups and started complaining. (Isn’t that always what happens when a parent hits the record button?) At least she gives a couple of little smiles in the beginning.

Hazel and Zelda

Hazel-and-ZeldaAdelaide placed her favorite stuffed animal in the car seat with sleeping Hazel.

And yes, you may have noticed I use the car seat a lot for naps. She seems to sleep better in there than on the bed most days. Someone should make a sitting-up sleeper for babies. Like an infant rocking chair. Hm, I guess that’s why people buy bouncers…


Hazel is 1 month old


Here’s Hazel! She’s one month old and wearing a sweater Daddy wore when he was a baby.

We tried to visit the doctor yesterday, but 1) I wrote down the wrong time and showed up an hour late and 2) she wasn’t added to our insurance yet. I hope that’s just a delay in processing…