TBT: Hazel’s first trip to Disneyland

Time is getting away from me on this one. I think Kyle has some more photos on his phone or on the computer from this trip, but I’ll just post what I have for this Throwback Thursday edition of Happy All Those Things.

Grandpa Percy came for a last-minute trip to California in October, and what trip to SoCal is complete without a trip to Disneyland? (Answer: No trip to SoCal is complete without a trip to Disneyland.)

This was Hazel’s very first trip to Disneyland. She wore her Minnie Mouse outfit from Ali for the occasion. Hazel was very excited.

AND this was the first time Adelaide wore her birthday Elsa dress to Disneyland. She did her Elsa poses for us.

disneyland-oct-2014-1 disneyland-oct-2014-2 disneyland-oct-2014-3 disneyland-oct-2014-4 disneyland-oct-2014-5 disneyland-oct-2014-6 disneyland-oct-2014-7 IMG_8764disneyland-oct-2014-7

Saturday photos

You guys, I had all day to blog yesterday. I was sick, stayed home from work, resisted the temptation to check work emails even. But did I blog? Nooooo. Instead, I Christmas shopped online and didn’t buy anything.


Here’s photos from Saturday. We went to The Habit, which is our Saturday, uh, habit.




Video: Hazel is 2 months old and mad at hiccups

I went back to work on October 30, and the blog is definitely suffering! I still need to post about my dad’s visit (late October), our trip to the aquarium (later October), and Hazel at 2 months old (last Saturday).

So to tide you over, here’s a video of Hazel. I was trying to get some cute footage of her “talking” but instead she got the hiccups and started complaining. (Isn’t that always what happens when a parent hits the record button?) At least she gives a couple of little smiles in the beginning.

Hazel and Zelda

Hazel-and-ZeldaAdelaide placed her favorite stuffed animal in the car seat with sleeping Hazel.

And yes, you may have noticed I use the car seat a lot for naps. She seems to sleep better in there than on the bed most days. Someone should make a sitting-up sleeper for babies. Like an infant rocking chair. Hm, I guess that’s why people buy bouncers…