Mommy’s Monday off

Today was a work holiday for me, but Kyle had to work. So we went our separate ways — Kyle to Trader Joe’s, and me to the pediatrician with Adelaide, August, and a sleepy Hazel.


Adelaide and August played in the waiting room.


Adelaide wanted to make friends with the girl about her age who was also waiting to see a doctor, but she wasn’t able to make a connection. This is Adelaide’s dejected face:


August copied everything Adelaide did, which worked out well. They were both calm and obedient (for the most part).


Look at how attentive Augie was to the nurse:


Then they had to disrobe and put on paper gowns.


Adelaide got two vaccines and Augie got one. They were both very brave and hardly made a peep. It seemed to me that Adelaide was almost looking forward to getting a shot, like if she hadn’t gotten one, she would have been disappointed somehow, not getting the full experience. My theory is, she has seen enough kids’ shows that explain the importance of vaccines that she realizes they are Very Important and Necessary and she is Very Brave to take them without flinching. So that’s what she did, and August followed suit.

Then, we went to the park, where Adelaide ran off to climb the monkey bars and hang upside down and make friends, and Augie mostly sat in my lap and took everything out of my tote bag.


He found some iPhone camera lenses.



And he took pictures of Hazel, which she loved.


That’s a good idea, Augie, I thought. So I took some pictures, too.





After the park, we stopped at McDonald’s for vanilla ice cream cones, and we all did a good job not dripping on ourselves. Then it was off to Target, where Adelaide put on a bunch of accessories and posed for the camera, like she does.


I think it’s one of her very favorite things to do.


I don’t know where she gets these poses from. She knows how to work it.


And that was our day.

TBT: Hazel’s first trip to Disneyland

Time is getting away from me on this one. I think Kyle has some more photos on his phone or on the computer from this trip, but I’ll just post what I have for this Throwback Thursday edition of Happy All Those Things.

Grandpa Percy came for a last-minute trip to California in October, and what trip to SoCal is complete without a trip to Disneyland? (Answer: No trip to SoCal is complete without a trip to Disneyland.)

This was Hazel’s very first trip to Disneyland. She wore her Minnie Mouse outfit from Ali for the occasion. Hazel was very excited.

AND this was the first time Adelaide wore her birthday Elsa dress to Disneyland. She did her Elsa poses for us.

disneyland-oct-2014-1 disneyland-oct-2014-2 disneyland-oct-2014-3 disneyland-oct-2014-4 disneyland-oct-2014-5 disneyland-oct-2014-6 disneyland-oct-2014-7 IMG_8764disneyland-oct-2014-7

Saturday photos

You guys, I had all day to blog yesterday. I was sick, stayed home from work, resisted the temptation to check work emails even. But did I blog? Nooooo. Instead, I Christmas shopped online and didn’t buy anything.


Here’s photos from Saturday. We went to The Habit, which is our Saturday, uh, habit.




40 weeks

Happy EDD to me!


How far along? 40 weeks

How big is baby? About 7 1/2 pounds, 20 inches

Total weight gain: Still about 20-22 pounds. I think my body kind of maxes out around 150 pounds. I gained like 40 pounds with Adelaide, kept 10. 30 pounds with Augie, kept 10. I don’t need to keep 10 this time, though ; )

Sleep: Besides my first day of maternity leave, sleep has been pretty good. I find that I sleep better when I wear my mouth guard, which makes me think I’m a little stressed and probably grinding my teeth. I’ve been trying to take it easy, though, and take naps whenever possible just in case labor starts at night (which it did for both Adelaide and August).

Best moment this week: Just being off work and sleeping in has been nice.

Movement: I started doing kick counts just to make sure she’s doing OK. She usually moves 10 times within 20 minutes, so I’d say that’s pretty good. (You’re supposed to get 10 movements in under two hours.)

Food cravings: Chips and salsa, maybe? Chai tea is a new one this week.

Labor Signs: Still having contractions, but not consistently.

What I miss: My midwife.

What I am looking forward to: Having a baby.

Upcoming appointments/events:  Not really sure at this point. My next appointment is scheduled for a week from Monday, because my doctor is out all next week. But I hope and assume I will have a baby before then.

Things to buy: I got bengkung fabric! We got paint! I never did buy those swaddle blankets. Maybe later.

On my to-do list: Sew the bengkung wrap, finish my niece’s onesie, finish cleaning the ceiling, paint the trim, have a baby.

Anything else? I’m just so fed up with my doctor. I’m glad to know he will most likely not be attending my birth. I liked him fine up until a couple of weeks ago, when he started pressuring me to have this baby before he left on vacation. No, doc, I’m not going to induce just so you can deliver this baby, especially considering we have likely spent less than an hour in the same room together over the entire length of this pregnancy.

Top 10 maternity leave activities so far

10. Planning the kids’ first (but not last) combo birthday party

9. Napping

8. Reading birth stories and remembering what I’m in for

7. Wondering if that was a “real” contraction, and sort of hoping it wasn’t, because I still want to paint the trim

6. Eating date bars

5. Refreshing Facebook

4. Throwing things away

3. Finding new things to be mad at Kyle for, then apologizing later

2. Crying

1. Cleaning everything (Today I cleaned the ceiling. Kyle is my witness.)

Baby weather

It looks like this baby’s birthday is not September 11th, and I am very OK with that.

But it does look like we will be having a baby on a ridiculously hot day.


(A few hours later, they updated Tuesday’s temperature to 108 degrees.)

And to think, just a few days ago we had this!

Come back, rain! (Melissa, will you bring some from New York when you visit??)