Weird, wild weather we’re having.

It’s so incredibly humid, 90 degrees, and sprinkling. It’s been pretty humid for about a month, actually. I have a few cities bookmarked on my weather app that I check every so often, and it’s been more humid in Southern California than Minnesota, Michigan, or New York on many a day in July.

But looking back through my almost-daily emails to Kyle, in which I often comment on the weather, it was humid last July, too. So maybe this is a thing now.

Saturday is usually my cleaning day, but I haven’t done much cleaning today. I changed the bed sheets last night, so that’s crossed off my list. I folded some laundry. The dishes are soaking in the sink. But I need to get to the kitchen floors and the bathroom. It’s just…too…hot…to clean, at least for this 8-months-pregnant lady.

Kyle is making a play house for the kids. He found a free solid wood bunk bed on Craigslist and went from there. Just needs a roof and a door, and maybe some paint.





Adelaide and August drew some pictures today. Adelaide made a drawing for God:


And August drew some of his signature people (which Adelaide insists are “dead eggs floating in the water”):


And with that, I’m off to wash dishes.