We had a little fiesta for Adelaide and Augie’s birthday last weekend. Pretty much the only photos I got were of the piñata, but I’m holding out hope that more pictures will surface in time. (Fingers crossed!) I tried to make the piñata filling somewhat healthy with M&Ms, granola bars, and trail mix. The M&Ms were popular. The trail mix, not so much. (But that just meant more trail mix for me!)

pinata-1 pinata-2 pinata-3 pinata-4 pinata-5 pinata-6 pinata-7

August is 3 years old!


August is 3 years old!

We went to Old Town Pasadena on his birthday and checked out the iPhone 6 Plus. But that was more for Daddy.

Then we tried out a new place to eat, the Dog Haus. We got to watch a bit of the Dodgers-Cardinals game, and Kyle explained to me the difference between a home run and a…uh…when the ball hits the ground first and then goes over the fence. I forgot what he said it is called.

August ate a lot of ketchup while Kyle explained baseball to me.

Augie already opened his gift on Adelaide’s birthday: a Razor scooter just like his sister’s. (But they still fight over Adelaide’s scooter.)

Tired Augie

Augie fell asleep while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich after playing outside.


Then he woke up, asked for a glass of milk and drank it. He asked for more milk and fell asleep while he was waiting for me to come to the fridge.


I brought him to bed.