Saturday photos

You guys, I had all day to blog yesterday. I was sick, stayed home from work, resisted the temptation to check work emails even. But did I blog? Nooooo. Instead, I Christmas shopped online and didn’t buy anything.


Here’s photos from Saturday. We went to The Habit, which is our Saturday, uh, habit.




13 cousins

Two Sundays back, we went to a church service where Kyle’s brother Joel and his family were leading worship. We stopped for a bite to eat on the way, hit some traffic, and got there 20 minutes late. It was over. Sad face. But the kids did get to see 10 of their cousins, and the Kilpatrick Family Band played one more song at the end of the service.

Kilpatrick Family Band website:


Messy morning

Kyle and Hazel and I were lazily hanging out in bed one day last week, when I heard noises in the kitchen. Adelaide and August were up to something. “Ugh, will you see what’s going on?” I asked Kyle. “It sounds like they spilled the bag of rice on the floor.”

It wasn’t a bag of rice. It was a bag of beef jerky, packages of instant oatmeal, popcorn kernels, and several games and puzzles that we store in the pantry for some reason.

Seriously, kids? Not cool.


mess-2 mess-3