Today we:
– Were sick
– Slept in
– Ate egg sandwiches
– And coffee
– And juice
– And oatmeal, by request
– Watched iBethel.tv
– Dyed eggs
– Gave Augie a haircut
– Painted the hood of the car
– Ate out
– Hid Easter eggs
– Found Easter eggs

August is 2 and a half

August 2 and a half

August with his train, Salty, and a screwdriver

August is 2 and a half years old! He is 35 inches tall and 30 pounds, which is short for height and average for weight.

He loves his trains and cars and everything that rolls. He always lets us know when he sees a school bus or a truck or a fire truck, or pretty much anything bigger than a car.

He’s picking up new words every day and getting better with his pronunciation.

He likes many different foods, especially soupy foods like, well, soup. And ketchup. He will drink any kind of beverage. And like Adelaide, he loves lasagna.

He likes to copy his sister and do everything that she’s doing. Thankfully, she doesn’t mind his tagging along. (At least not yet.) One of their favorite things to do is chase each other around the house or yard with a spray bottle. He also likes to scare us with his ferocious ROAR!

Augie has an easy laugh. Just a wiggle of your eyebrows can cause him to let out a big belly laugh. He likes to tell knock knock jokes. He’s especially fond of the interrupting chicken joke.

He likes to play “count my fingers” and the high five game, “Gimme five, up high, this way, down low, too slow.” Or, in our case, the last part is often, “You got me!”