Adelaide is 6!

Adelaide turned 6 years old today! We had a party for her and Augie and Hazel on Saturday — stay tuned for pictures from the weekend.

We planned on giving Adelaide an Elsa dress for her birthday, but they have been sold out for months and months. Maybe a whole year? I called the Disney Store a week or two ago, and they said to call back in early October. So I called this morning to get an update, and they said they had Elsa dresses in the store! So we got up and headed out to the mall.

At the Disney Store, they made a big deal over Adelaide’s birthday, giving her a crown and a pin and singing Happy Birthday off-tune. Adelaide got a little shy over the attention, but we soon made our escape.


Next we went to the mall’s playground where Daddy and Adelaide played for a few minutes.


Adelaide got to choose what she wanted for lunch, and she chose Panera.


I was trying to capture the moment, but Augie decided that he wanted to take pictures.

mommys-iphone-1 mommys-iphone-2 mommys-iphone-3

mommys-iphone-4 Notice his little hand keeping me from taking the phone back. Look but don’t touch, Mommy.mommys-iphone-4-detailThen we headed home to open presents and sing Happy Birthday. From Mom and Dad, she got the whole set of “G.T. and the Halo Express” tapes, a new bathing suit, new handlebar grips for her scooter, and dishes for her play kitchen. We also gave Augie his gifts since his birthday is in four days: a scooter and pots and pans for their kitchen.

Adelaide got into character and modeled her Elsa dress for us. See how her hair is brushed to the side and her eyes are half closed? That’s Elsa.


Daddy: Elsa, look at the camera.

Adelaide: I am looking at the camera.

Then Daddy had to go to work. Adelaide has spent most of the day up in her room listening to all the G.T. tapes and playing with her new toys.

Happy 6th birthday, Adelaide!