15 minute update

I’ve been wanting to capture a bit about what the kids are up to for a while now. But you know how it is: Time passes, day after day, week after week, month after month, and then they’re applying for college.

So! Even though I’m right in the middle of cleaning out the refrigerator, I’m going to stop for a 15-minute update. I set a timer for 5 minutes for each kid (plus 5 minutes for this intro and a closing and editing) and I’ll just type, stream of consciousness, about each kid.

Here goes!



Adelaide is 6 and in first grade. She’s doing great! She’s such a fast learner, it’s hard to keep her challenged. She still loves to dance, and we still haven’t enrolled her in ballet lessons! Bad parents! She loves playing at the park and going to church and making new friends. She even likes playing with the boys recently, and often mentions a boy at church named Tanner.

Adelaide is a good big sister to Augie and Hazel, and a big help to Kyle and me. She still likes taking off her shoes, or sometimes all her clothes, she likes playing in the rain or jumping in puddles, and she loves to sneakily eat packets of sugar at restaurants and coffee shops.

She also loves putting on lots of accessories at Target and posing for a picture. For the picture above, she disappeared for about 10 seconds and reemerged like this.



August is 3. He loves to be in control. Anything that he is physically able to do, he wants to do BY HIMSELF! In the morning, he wants to get the packet of instant oatmeal out of the box. He wants to rip it open. He wants to pour it in the bowl. He wants to turn off the burner when the water boils. He lets us pour in the boiling water, but he wants to get the milk out of the fridge and pour in a splash of milk. (He does not mind if you put the milk away for him, though.) He wants to get his own spoon. He wants to stir the oatmeal. If you attempt to do any of these things, prepare for a breakdown. Once he regains control, he will try to undo what you have done so he can do it himself. It’s ridiculous.

He also likes to crack eggs, he scrambles eggs, he pours himself a glass of milk or water, he gets himself dressed and undressed, he picks out his clothes, he gets in and out of the car, he buckles his car seat…

But he will not use the toilet.



Hazel is 5 months old and such a little angel! She’s got the sweetest disposition. She’s almost always happy and/or content. She wakes up with a smile. She’s pretty content to sit on a blanket and play with a few toys around her.

What gets her upset? A wet diaper — she doesn’t like any wetness. She is starting to notice when I leave the room, and that’s starting to bother her, I think. She doesn’t like falling off the bed, I can tell you that! (We have cushions on the ground, but it’s still distressing.)

Speaking of falling off the bed, she is becoming mobile pretty quickly! She can get up onto her knees, and on the right surface (like our bed) she can scoot herself pretty far. And she’s almost able to sit up. I’ve seen her push up on her arms…She’s so close! When you sit her down, she can stay seated for a good long time before tipping over and bonking her head.

No teeth yet, but plenty of drool. She’s a good eater, and now takes a bottle after Aunt Brittany solved the mystery — she wanted very warm milk! (Thanks, Britt, for that one!)

Welp, time’s up! Gotta put Hazel on a blanket and get back to cleaning out the fridge!

Catching up

Here’s a bit of what’s been going on lately:

We went to Disneyland…

Hazel in the Storybook line

Emily and Hazel in the Storybook line

Adelaide in the Storybook line

Hazel turned 4 months old…

Hazel laughs

Hazel cute

The Seahawks lost…

Kyle and August after the Superbowl

Augie got a haircut…

August haircut

…and we went to the park on a rainy day…

August on the swings

Hazel’s face was scratched in a home improvement mishap…

Hazel scar

My parents had a layover at LAX and we ate at In-N-Out (I still need to get the pictures off my other camera)…

Hazel and grandma

August grandpa

August made himself a snack of cheese, jam, and ranch dressing…

August's snack

And Hazel’s still digging her teething keys…

Hazel on the floor

Now you’re all caught up!

Waiting to exhale


I hear Adelaide call from her soapy bath. “Want to watch me hold my breath underwater?”

I walk over to the bathtub where Adelaide is plugging her nose and bobbing down into the water, swimming back and forth in a tub that is only about as long as she is tall.

“I’m practicing holding my breath!” she says. “That way, the next time I’m in the pool with Daddy and he says ‘I love you’ underwater, I’ll be able to stay down long enough to hear him.”


Tiny teenagers

Adelaide got some new clothes at Target the other day and wore one of her new outfits out to lunch. “I almost feel like a teenager!” she said as she bounced out of the car.

She loves dressing like a teenager these days, which is funny, because I also wanted to be a teen when I was in elementary school. I remember dressing like a teenager for our school’s Dress Down Day. I wore stirrup leggings and an oversized sweatshirt, letting one side fall off my bare shoulder.

Adelaide climbed up the base of the street lamp and jumped down. When I went to take a picture, she told me to wait a minute, pulling her Rapunzel play phone from her purse. “Ready!”


August brought his phone, too. “Yesh, yesh, yesh. OK. Bye.”


Even Hazel had a new toy: a teething key ring to satisfy her constant gumming. She’ll have a couple of teeth before we know it.


Phones and keys? I better buckle up.


Mommy’s Monday off

Today was a work holiday for me, but Kyle had to work. So we went our separate ways — Kyle to Trader Joe’s, and me to the pediatrician with Adelaide, August, and a sleepy Hazel.


Adelaide and August played in the waiting room.


Adelaide wanted to make friends with the girl about her age who was also waiting to see a doctor, but she wasn’t able to make a connection. This is Adelaide’s dejected face:


August copied everything Adelaide did, which worked out well. They were both calm and obedient (for the most part).


Look at how attentive Augie was to the nurse:


Then they had to disrobe and put on paper gowns.


Adelaide got two vaccines and Augie got one. They were both very brave and hardly made a peep. It seemed to me that Adelaide was almost looking forward to getting a shot, like if she hadn’t gotten one, she would have been disappointed somehow, not getting the full experience. My theory is, she has seen enough kids’ shows that explain the importance of vaccines that she realizes they are Very Important and Necessary and she is Very Brave to take them without flinching. So that’s what she did, and August followed suit.

Then, we went to the park, where Adelaide ran off to climb the monkey bars and hang upside down and make friends, and Augie mostly sat in my lap and took everything out of my tote bag.


He found some iPhone camera lenses.



And he took pictures of Hazel, which she loved.


That’s a good idea, Augie, I thought. So I took some pictures, too.





After the park, we stopped at McDonald’s for vanilla ice cream cones, and we all did a good job not dripping on ourselves. Then it was off to Target, where Adelaide put on a bunch of accessories and posed for the camera, like she does.


I think it’s one of her very favorite things to do.


I don’t know where she gets these poses from. She knows how to work it.


And that was our day.