Boxcar Androids

Adelaide: Let’s play Boxcar Children! I’ll be Jessie.

Me: Well then I guess I’ll be Violet…

Adelaide: Who do you want to be, Augie? Do you want to be Watch the dog?

August: No.

Adelaide: Do you want to be Benny?

August: No!

Adelaide: Do you want to be Henry?

August: No!!

Adelaide: Well who do you want to be?

August: I want to be a robot.

Adelaide’s first lost tooth!

In other tooth related news,

Adelaide lost her first tooth!

And then she lost it again! By dropping it in the grass.

But then she found it! And we took a picture!

Adelaides-first-lost-toothShe already has a big tooth growing in behind.

Supposedly it will work its way forward.

Tonight it will go under her pillow, and tomorrow she will have a dollar! Or whatever the tooth fairy is giving out these days. I’ll have to find out.