36 Weeks

36 Week photo courtesy of Adelaide. I was stepping on sharp rocks.


How far along? 36 Weeks

How big is baby? About 6 pounds, 18-1/2 inches

Total weight gain: Still about 20-22 pounds.

Sleep: Sleep has been better, although slightly more uncomfortable. I find myself stealing Kyle’s smushy pillows sometimes.

Best moment this week: Every day around midnight, when I finally get into bed and it’s cooler than 90 degrees.

Movement: More movement this week. Sometimes I feel hiccups down low, and sometimes I feel them up high. Not sure what that means about her position, but I trust that she will be in the right place at the right time. I hope she will take after her siblings that way.

Food cravings: Blueberry scones. And popsicles, because the Dreyer’s Outshine natural popsicles I bought were disappointing. So then I got the good-ol’ Popsicle brand cherry, grape, and orange, but those were a letdown, too. Popsicles just aren’t as good as I remember them, I guess. Maybe I’ll try Trader Joe’s Fruit Floes and see if those hit the spot.

Food Aversions: Black tea. I usually have a cup of Constant Comment at work after breakfast. I’ve been wanting coffee more than tea for the past week or two, so I was already feeling tea-averse. But I’ve been sticking to my guns and avoiding morning coffee since I’ve been off of it for more than a year now (although I do have after-work coffee on a pretty regular basis). Alas, the last two times I’ve had hot tea, I felt nauseated until lunch. So no more tea for now.

Labor Signs: Feeling tired and irritable, but no real labor signs. I’m eating dates, which will supposedly help me go into labor on time and give me a shorter labor. I know it’s true, because they did a study on it. (Small sample size, but there are worse things than eating dates, right?) I hope it works, because I’m getting tired of dates, and it’s only been a week. Maybe that is what drives the baby out: date fatigue.

What I miss: Agility. That’s pretty much the same thing I said last time, isn’t it? Yesterday I did a bunch of cleaning, and it’s just so hard now to change the sheets (our bed has a loft over it, which makes it a bit trickier) or scrub the bathtub or clean the floors (especially since I insist on doing it Cinderalla style instead of using a sponge mop. I like to get down with the dirt.)

What I am looking forward to: Getting things wrapped up at work so I can feel good about going on maternity leave.

Upcoming appointments/events:  I have an appointment sometime this week. I should probably call and find out when that is. I also need to pre-register at the hospital. And I would kind of like to do the hospital tour, but kids aren’t allowed, and I’m not sure who could watch them, so I’ll probably pass. I mean, I don’t know that a tour would change anything, except maybe I could visualize the birth a little better if I saw the kind of room I’ll be in. Oh wait, they have a virtual tour online. Tour complete!

Things to buy: We are on a spending moratorium, so I’m not going to think about buying things this week.

On my to-do list: Get the infant car seat cleaned up and install it.

Anything else? People ask if we have a name yet. We don’t.

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